WHITNEY: CAN I BE ME? (2017) - 

“...the movie has a haunting effect. It makes you want to reach right into the screen and tell Whitney Houston to draw herself back from the abyss, to find the thing she gave to so many others: the greatest love of all."

— Owen Gleiberman, Variety | april 28th, 2017


ON THAT DAY (2008) - 

"this documentary traces the historical timeline and aftermath of an unintelligible revenge rampage triggered by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) in 2005, planted by Iraqi insurgents and successfully ending one occupants life. With access to the bulk of audiovisual evidence and testaments used in an inescapable but to some degree predetermined trial, the study of one massacre becomes the awful truth of a nation..." 

—  Time Out Critics Choice Review, 2008


"Barney Broomfield and Marc Hoeferlin have created a bold, plain-speaking and damning film weaving together the stories of the two Iraqis responsible for exposing the massacre, the testimonies of some of the marines responsible and details of the subsequent military investigation, which concluded that none of those involved would be charged with murder."  

— The Telegraph,United Kingdom, 2008



“Powerful and devastating stuff. Amid all the mediocrity on television, it is programmes like this that remind you why it can be such a powerful force for good".

- The Times

“it’s a bold, ballsy piece of television that both shows what life is like in a brothel and also the process by which vulnerable women are sucked into it."

- Guardian

“We were not only observing the world of the brothel maid from close quarters but experiencing it as if through her own eyes… Who needs 19th-century-set drama when this sort of misery is taking place right now in an anonymous terraced house near you?”

- Independent



"An increasingly powerful and finally devastating documentary - one of the best in several years. Hard to watch but essential."

- David Edelstein, New York Magazine


"The revelations come fast and horrific. With Ferguson still in the public conscious, the film serves as shocking re-enforcement of official neglect for crimes against African-Americans."

- Scott Tobias, The Dissolve


"Provocative.  Tales of the Grim Sleeper has a quiet emotional force."

- Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter


"A powerful, gripping endeavor."
"A masterstroke of polemical fury."
"It's the subjects - living and dead - who tell the story."

- Eric Kohn, Indiewire


"[Broomfield's] finest work to date."
"Mesmerizing, chilling, and greatly disturbing. A meditation on race, class, institutional racism and abject horror."
"The movie burns in the memory."
"Broomfield cedes much of the film to the outsized and remarkable personality of Pam Brooks... an enthralling figure, touching, warm, emphatic and riotously profane and funny."

- Patrick McGavin



"Impeccably researched, sensitively handled and engagingly peopled...Albino United is much more than your standard tale of triumph over adversity." 

- TimeOut Critic's Choice